Glòria Lèmur's eyes and Darabil's hands

A couple of days ago I received the visit of Glòria Lèmur in my workshop OSLO; a great photographer full of sensibility, if you like what you see in here let's have a look of her visual journal. We drank a cup of Christmas tea and she follow me with her camera in the process of making a couple of little earrings. 
In my last jewelry collection, golden hour collection, I used cooper sheet and turquoise patinas so this time I wanted to try brass wire. My work it's a little polivalent and so it's my table; first step prepare the table. Then, I hammer the wire until it has the thickness and texture that I want.

The next step is to prepare the saw and sawed. Then it's time to file; you end up with the fingers full of gold metal powders.

The base is already done but to be able to put the earrings on the ear we need to weld a bolt. I always like to use sterling silver for the bolt because some other materials can provoke irritations on the ear holes. Cut the solder, apply the borax, heat on...we are almost there.

Yes small and simple, it looks nice after polishing and it fits well with the pom pom look. I think that I'll make another version in sterling silver wire.

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